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Image of member Mary Pulido.

Mary Pulido

Image of member Irene Luna.

Irene Luna
Vice President

Image of member Scott Baly.

Scott Baly

Image of member Darly Htike.

Darly Htike

Image of member Paloma Contreras.

Paloma Contreras

Image of member Michael Aed.

Michael Aed
Member at Large

Image of member Miguel Lopez.

Miguel Lopez
Member at Large


Vima Santos Juan Arambula
Amy Arambula Paloma Contreras
Ralph Torres Lourdes Espinosa
Mary Pulido Scott Baly
Margarita Martinez-Baly Michael Aed
Yesenia Aed Patrica Ead
Patience Milrod Jesse Avila
Vincent Andrade Emilia Morris
Richard Ruiz Vivian Velasco Paz
Adilene Flores Felicia Espinosa
Ana de Alba (Honorary Non-Voting Member) Jesus Pereda
Gary Orozco (Honorary Non-Voting Member) Joshua Hernandez
David Hernandez David Gottlieb (Honorary Non-Voting Member)
Jane Boulger Irene Luna
Gloria Toledo Adriana Mendoza
Chloe Morrissey Thomas Burse
Victor Nasser David Gonzalez
Sara Elena Santoyo Miguel Lopez
Marco Aguiar Angelica Rivera
Regina Chessari Nicholas Solaegui
William McComas Pahoua Lor
Lynette Gonzales Tony Leyva
Louis Vasquez Nellie Aguilar
Frankie Rodriguez Daniel Neves
Ruben Lucero Jacob Rivas
Raquel Busani Crystal Cabrera
Heidi Falany Midori Howo
Laura Higareda-Chapa Darly Htike
Judge David Kalemkarian Enid Perez
Virna Santos Griselda Torres
Howard Watkins Jim Trevino


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